Hot Sale Food Grade Silica Gel Manual Cleaning 45 Pasteurization Wrapped Brushing 360 Kids U-Shaped Toothbrush


  • [U-shaped design] 360-degree cleaning method, the U-shaped brush head perfectly achieves the three-sided fit of teeth and gums, which helps clean teeth effectively. The multi-layered bristles design gives complete protection to the teeth. The easy-to-grip handle provides comfort and control when brushing your teeth.
  • [Easy to use for children]: Brushing with ordinary toothbrushes can cause pain in children, resulting in bad breath and unhealthy teeth. This product will definitely help you teach your children how to brush their teeth correctly and have a healthy oral cavity!
  • [Safety maintenance] Effectively clean the teeth without damage the gums. The full-mouth toothbrush protects the enamel and keeps the mouth and gums healthy. It can clean around the teeth without worrying about omissions on the baby’s teeth.
  • [Cute toothbrush] U-shaped design, ergonomic shape, and size, suitable for toddlers and children’s mouths, helps clean teeth from all directions.
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